M&A Consulting in Ukrainian Agri Sector
Buy/Sell Agricultural Companies in Ukraine

Comprehensive support of buy\sell process business

The purchase/sale of a business often combines processes that require expertise in corporate, land, tax, administrative, economic, and labor law. The process of transferring a company always has a share of risk. We will help you minimize possible risks when buying/selling a business, no matter what the structure of the transaction, merger, acquisition, spin-off, sale of corporate rights, or sale of a company's asset.

When entering new farmland markets, one of the most challenging tasks is to fully understand the investment opportunities and risks, as well as to determine the optimal approach to the local market. We offer a fully integrated ownership and operations strategy through our unique network of potential buyers and a base of agricultural investment and asset management properties.

We are actively evaluating investment opportunities for clients in Ukraine. These include operating and farming companies, land and lease ownership opportunities, and integrated agribusiness value chain enterprises. We provide detailed legal, financial, and agricultural due diligence and a full assessment of any potential investment opportunity.

Our long-standing working relationships with banks, leading law firms, and financial auditing firms enable us to professionally structure all types of sales and investments in this sector.

Agricultural Asset Management

Our team has years of experience in the modern management of sustainable farming, land bank, and agricultural machinery. We introduce modern technologies of precision farming and have significant experience in the field of brokerage services and land consolidation in Ukraine. We will help you effectively manage your farm for the fastest return on your investment.

In addition to identifying the most interesting regions and real investment opportunities based on risk-adjusted returns, it is equally important to be able to provide the strongest local farming/management teams to work with.

Agriculture is an industry based on the daily refinement of small details, the availability of all agricultural knowledge and experience. Regardless of macro trends and conditions related to weather and yield, there are significant differences in agricultural investment outcomes and productivity due to differences in the quality of governance.

Strategic advice along the entire agribusiness value chain.

Some of our core principles

  • Providing innovative state-of-the-art agri-technology and farm management for competitive pricing.
  • Reducing all risks during procurement and consolidation procedures
  • Everything is centrally managed from our office in Kyiv.
  • Transparent fees
  • Avoiding debt and focusing on free cash flow.
  • Focusing on the lowest purchase prices is the key metric for increasing margins.
  • Responsible agricultural business in accordance with
  • IFC standards and UN principles.
  • Crop production and management
  • Feasibility study
  • Budget monitoring and cost analysis
  • Complete farm management for soil preparation, seeding, plant protection, harvesting, and farm logistics
  • Staff training and development, including regional training programs
  • Finance and Asset Management
  • Investor reporting

Due Diligence and Pre-sale business preparation

Selling a business is rarely as simple as accepting an offer and then moving on to close the deal. Once an offer has been accepted, the buyer's due diligence process can identify issues that could jeopardize the deal, as well as negotiating the non-economic aspects of the deal. Common barriers include the tax implications of selling assets instead of shares, non-competition agreements, damages, contracts with customers or suppliers, intellectual property issues, and retention of key employees. Faro Capital works with clients (and prospective clients) to identify these issues before the sale begins and develop creative solutions that reduce the likelihood of surprises in the future. What documents need to be prepared before starting the process: Certificates about the absence of debt and the absence of a decision and check information from all kinds of registers (property rights; tax authorities; debts; court decisions) Ideally, each direction should be checked by an expert in its field: 

-accounting and taxes

- by an auditor; corporate papers 

- by a corporate lawyer; permits and licenses 

- by a lawyer specializing in this. 

The process of transferring a company always has a share of risk. We will help you to minimize possible risks when buying

Agricultural Real Estate and Companies for Sale

Agricultural farming: 7270 hectares in the Ukraine(Nikolaev region).

Profile: growing grain crops. 

Profitability: 150-300 $/hectare

Payback: ~ 3-8 years

Price: on request

Agribusiness: 16,000 hectares in the Kharkiv region.

Profile: growing grain crops; vegetables; storage of grain (elevator with a railway branch); Cattle.

Profitability: 150-370 $ / ha +

Payback: ~ 5-8 years

Price: $ 40,000,000

Agricultural enterprise: 1308 hectares in the Rivne region.

Profile: growing grain crops;

Profitability: ~ 150-300 $ / ha +

Payback: ~ 5 years

Price: $ 800,000

Agricultural enterprise: 3650 hectares in the Odessa region.

Profile: growing grain crops;

Technique and infrastructure: yes

Profitability: ~ 150-250 $ / ha

Payback: ~ 4-5 years

Price: on request


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