Search for Strategic Partners for the Growth and Development of Your Business in Ukraine
Joint Ventures and Strategic Industry Partnerships
Entering Ukrainian Markets
42 Million Population you Potential Customers.

Finding for Strategic Partners for the Growth and Development of Your Business in Ukraine

Faro Capital advises all types of joint ventures and partnerships based on their extensive experience in order to maximize the value for our clients. 

We help you find a partner in Ukraine, develop a strategy to create synergies, create and reveal values, and increase productivity. 

Our partnership specialists work closely with experts from the Ukrainian industry markets to help clients find the right partner, structure the business appropriately, avoid operational errors, and manage partnerships effectively. 

Faro Capital is one of the few advisory firms focused on joint ventures and advisory services to companies. Our practical experience and knowledge bring real advantages to private investors, international players in the industry, and medium-sized and large companies. 

We focus 

Strategic alliances 

Joint ventures 

Minority problems 


The solutions we are offer

Faro Capital deals with cross-border issues the entry of European and Asian companies into the markets of Ukraine and CIS countries.
After registering intellectual property objects for a new market, companies often need full legal assistance. The company begins to consider the possibility of expanding its presence in the market with the help of official representatives, the opening of representative offices, its own office or the start of production.
Our firm can support this entire chain from market assessment and intellectual property strategy to finding partners, obtaining licenses and purchasing premises, etc.
In the first phase, we provide full support to go to market: market research, pre-import advice, matching product names and product labels, packaging, and related marketing materials.

Development and implementation. 

  • Planning and move towards business goals, set deadlines and priorities. 
  • Help in finding the right partner. clarifying and agree on common goals. 
  • Development of a practical legal structure, a management system, and an operating model. 

Developing a plan and coordinate negotiations 

  • Approving and challenge proposed draft contracts. 
  • Planning and/or implement meetings and negotiations. 
  • Optimizing or update quickly checking the status of incomplete transactions.
  • Analyzing existing problematic joint venture partnerships and develop solutions. 
  • Reviewing interaction modes in a mature collaboration to start over and begin a new phase of collaboration. 
  • Breaking or leave the partnership. 
  • Helping in selling a share upon leave the partnership. 
  • Conflict resolution and definition of the growth path. 
  • Developing the implementation of changes in company's documents  the event of a breakdown in negotiations. 
  • Identifying and evaluating exit opportunities for exchange shares, find new partners, spin-offs, sale of shares, etc.
  • Developing and implementing a sell or other exit option that will allow you to maximize the price.


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